Fayee FY804 World’s Smallest Spinning Drone Flight Test Review


This mini quadcopter can spin like a top in mid air. Its controller also serves as a pocket carrying case. Find it here for $14.99 with promotion code JRFY8 …


  1. Hello,i cant change the mode 1&2,i try the upper left button as you say,but no response/change sound ,and i try to press the 2 sticks(throttle as it says in manual and the direction stick)but also No change or anything,do i do something wrong?

  2. Mine is quite controllable in high rates ….the high-rate yaw spin is actually progressive, it starts out at a nice rate and just keeps building speed the longer you hold it in the spin (yours seems to go straight into a crazy spin from the word go lol).
    Unfortunately the gyros are a lil messed up on mine, starts to drift in the mad spin and doesnt have a very stable hover.

  3. My quadcoter brushed motor was not working so i just replaced it after about 9 months but now the battery is not charging when I set my battery for charging after 30 mins charged light turn on and after that not even flying just go little up and then straight to ground with blinking lights !!! Please Help

  4. MJX X101 great for beginners still 45 dollars at gearbest. 101 that thing is to small. Ihave a JJRC H20 for bad weather indoors good review but I had to get my glasses on to see it a couple of times lol keep up the good work and happy new year.

  5. Youre having so many cool reviews, i got inspired.
    I wanna buy a drone and i am searching for more then a week now and i am thinking about the w609-7.
    But there are not so many good reviews of this quadcopter so maybe you have some tips.
    Ty youre great!

  6. Hey +Quadcopter 101, would you consider changing your filming location during the winter? The last few videos that I've watched the quad is barely visible against the yellowed grass. I have seen mostly reviews of the smaller quads. Seems like the smaller ones should be indoors anyway. It appears quite windy there. An indoor location might help in that regard too.I like your videos a lot but it's frustrating not to be able to see the quad being reviewed.
    Hopefully this is constructive criticism. In any case, keep it up!


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