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  1. Iโ€™d personally lean towards the Blade 70s you reviewed last month. It may cost at least twice as much as this WLToys version, but it comes from a much more reputable company, has SAFE flight stabilization, and can be delivered within days, rather than the WEEKS it takes for most WLToys packages!

  2. The WL Toys V911S appears to be the same as the V988; it uses the EXACT same motor and battery.
    I recently purchased a V988, which flew Excellent for 3 days, then the motor would overheat and quickly descend to the ground (but more slowly than yours).ย  I also purchased 2 V988 helicopters, which use the same motor.ย  One was defective on arrival (I later found out it was a bad motor), the otherย  one flew Excellent for several weeks (with lots of use) then the motor also overheated and slowly descended. It appears that WL Toys makes Excellent helicopters but has quality issues with theirย brushed motors.

  3. Definitely weird. I love helicopters as well, but would definitely give pause before buying. Still love your guts honesty. Havenโ€™t made a comment for a long time but still a loyal watcher! Still loving and having a great time with my Cheerson Cheer! Hope your both doing great!

  4. V911 was flybarred and tail would lose trim as battery went down, but it was a great little helicopter. I still have one that is still flying. I will probably pick up one of these even though I have several similar ones.

  5. Iโ€™m thinking you got glitchy heli, I saw another review where the reviewer Ali couldnโ€™t kill it even throwing the box at it while hovering. Is V911S a fixed pitch bird or can she do some aerobatics?

  6. Good morning Saylors! I have heard that chain link fencing can act like an antenna for different frequencies & have even heard that it can act like a RF "sponge" and cause problems. I noticed that the heli dropped out both times while flying close to the fence, but seemed to fly well when it was further away from the fence. You may want to test this theory in a fenceless area, my friends! Another honest & great review! Take great care! JP

  7. Looks like a really old Tx design, I had one like that on a JXD quad maybe 3 years ago, and everyone dismantled and modded it because the antenna was invariably tucked in and gave the model poor range. Maybe that was the problem?

  8. Thatโ€™s a pretty impressive heli for just under $40. I saw another review where they flew it with no cutting out issues and also that hover button did absolutely nothing as well. Great review as always!

  9. "Hover debugging key" sounds a bit like a calibration button possibly for the throttle midpoint/hover setting. But I'm not a heli person. ( we reached a separation agreement a couple of years back which says that I don't fly them, they won't crash ) so what would I know

  10. I've watched another review video on this and it cut out once in that video , it does look like there might be some kind of an issue with it , I guess we'll have to wait and see . The v911 is what got me started in this hobby and I've been eyeing this heli , I'll probably go ahead and buy it anyway , it's not a big deal to me. I seem to remember something about breaking in brushed motors on helicopters , simply letting them sit on the ground with the motors running slowly through a battery charge or two , I don't know maybe that is the problem but after a couple flights if that's the problem it should be fine !!!


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