FAA Drone Registration: everything you need to know


Greg digs in the Federal Aviation Regulation Part 48 to highlight the important parts of drone registration including the following: – Difference between model …


  1. Needs to be updated. You can no longer only display your registration number in the battery compartment. It has to be displayed where it can be seen by looking at the outside of the drone. You can still put it in the battery compartment but it also has to be displayed on the outside as well.

  2. D Hansel

    3 hours ago

    Thanks Rick for these great video tips.

    What I have hearing about all the new drone rules and counter-rules is we are going to have

    so much confusion about things it will be like the CB radio craze of the past.

    Respectable people will fly their drones and obey the laws while a few will do what they want to with other drones no matter what the laws say.

    There won't be enough people to enforce the rules and regulations the out of work lawyers who are sitting in the coffee shops keep dumping rules and regulations on the form of quarterly rule changes.

    The police will get tired of hearing Ms busy body calling them saying UFO drones are flying in the neighborhood. The FAA will continually get swamped by people calling them and say they are going to fly their drones.

    There are more airplane crashes caused by pilot errors.

    The 400' rule is high enough. Fly in good weather and "Don't do anything Stupid".

    Be courteous to people who see you flying them. Tell the people it's a hobby and you want to get

    aerial pictures from above the trees.

    If people ask about looking in back yards just say I have more junk in my back yard than you do.

    We are entering hurricane season and the pictures you take and donate will help asses the damages.

    The Splendora, Texas Police have purchased two drones. One is a DJI Mavic Enterprise and the other is the DJI Matrice with night vision. The chief told the pilot to fly every day and get really familiar with it.

    They have used their drones to help fire fighters fight grass fires. It's a lot cheaper than a helicopter.

  3. Just imagine if guns had this many rules and regulations every time somebody wanted to go shoot one. How many people die every day versus how many have died ever because of drones??????

  4. How do I research Drone Flying Requirements for Foreign Countries. For example if I want to document my family Vacations in Mexico and or the the Caribbean

  5. I am from India, and I am planning to buy a drone in USA . Like mavic pro. And then come back to India within 2 weeks . In this case should I need to register? I am non us resident and travel for business meeting for 2 weeks.

  6. I really like your refference to the actual FAA rules when explaining what is important to know.

    My question:
    Just purchased my first drone.
    I do not have the Part 107 ticket yet, but I probably will get it next year.
    What do i do if register my drone under Section 336 then get my Part 107 ticket …
    or can I register the drone under the Part 107 without the Part 107 ticket?
    Please discuss the pros & cons of both approaches.



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