Everyday Sling 5L Camera and Drone Bag – Instructions & Tips


Learn more at Peak Design photographer and art director Lawrence walks through setup and use of the new Everyday …


  1. I have PD messenger, backpack and sling/capture. Awesome awesome products! Big fan of PD products. I almost wanted to get this for the days I just want to carry one lens and a flash. But looks like this is too small for what I needed it for. Looks like I'll go with Chrome Industries Kadet for this need. I saw one and looks like i could fit a D810 70-200 as well and enough space for my DJI Osmo Mobile for some video.

  2. My gear would be a7 (iii or riii), Nikon 105mm 2.5 + adapter (overall getting close to 11cm length and 6.5cm diameter), Zeiss 35-70 3.4 + adapter (same as previous dimensions) and Zeiss 28mm 2.8 (5cm length and 6.5cm diameter). Would the 5l fit them all, with one of the lens always attached to the riii? (+ Maybe some UV filters in the space for ipad). Or should I get the 10l.

    Looking at 3.00 I guess the 5l might fit them well. The 55 1.8 is about 7cm tall and has 6.5cm diameter which is close to the Nikkor/Zeiss I'd be having. The 24-70 is much larger and, the last 35mm looks close to what the Zeiss 28mm feels like. I gave the internal dimensions for confirmation. The two long lenses would have adapters which would increase their length by about 2.5cm.

    Also I'd like to know if the black version uses leather. I am avoiding the ash version since it uses leather (I don't want dead animals in my stuff). I'd be okay if it was synthetic leather.

    I wouldn't want to to carry laptop in the same bag. My preference would be to carry two bags. One sling for cameras and another bag pack for laptop and other travel stuff.

  3. Hi, please no offence, but why you keep says that this bag can hold 11" tablet? Even in this video you are showing 9,7" iPad and seems to be the maximum. I don't understand why is this misleading specification at the website.

  4. Can’t wait to open mine (b'day tomorrow). I thought Larry was going to be all serious when he started off, but he eventually found his own style and rhythm. More of Larry please and the creative production 🙂

  5. Thanks for the video! You guys are doing a great job. I already have the 13" Messenger Bag and the Field Pouch, both in Charcoal. The 5L Sling looks also damn great and would be perfect for some of my use cases. Please offer a Charcoal version of it, too! I'd order it instantly.

  6. I love the Peak Design approach to your bags AND videos. I own a charcoal everyday tote. I’m a 43yr old father of two. It’s perfect. I wish this 5 liter sling came in charcoal too. Keep up the good work Lawrence. Not only was the video informative but I had a good chuckle.

  7. I think your missing a marketing opportunity with this 5l bag. I have been using it as a chest bag clipped to my backpack. It is perfect to have access to camera and or other gear. It is just the right size, doesn't block your veiw of your feet coming down mountains either. Just tuck straps in back pockets and clip the bag to your shoulder straps using the top handle. Easy on easy off. Keep up the good work.


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