Epic Drone Crash & Fail Compilation – Best Of 2017


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  1. The guy in the beginning and most of the indoor drone people seem like idiots. Also notice how all the idiotic crashes were DJI drones? People buy the DJI drones and strap a phone or tablet to it and think they're pro's, then go chasing after it on the ground when all they had to do was hit the disarm toggle forcing the FC to kill all for ESCs. They're always like "i hit the power button on the remote" not knowing the FC continues the last command if you do that untill a set amount of time passes for the failsafe to kick in, if it does at all. People like this are why the FAA keeps coming down on us, learn to fly in manual with LOS befor trying to use a super high latency Wi-Fi / Bluetooth FPV.


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