Emax Babyhawk-R RACE Buy It or Bin it 5 Minute or less Review


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  1. Hey Grumpy I finally bumped into your chanel and subd. NIce review. I have seen you on Stus channel and found you to be hilarious. Keep up the good work. I agree the 3s sucks for flight time and am sure for punches. The 4s gave you much better flight time. I like the build under the hood and camera looks pretty good as well. It would be nice if all manufacturers made a canopy that tilted up to access important items without having to take it off and worry about losing the screws. The only thing I didn't like was the 2 minute flight time and you weren't even beating on it. Look forward to more reviews and flights.. and swear a little more lol.

  2. THis is an awesome little micro.. but if you get it.. get the 2 1/2 arm upgrade.. so very worth it.. more power all the way around.. and all you will need is a 3s to hit the sweet spot… from the reviews I have seen.. it's even better than the 3" 1105 6000kv motors are rock solid on this Baby… 🙂 Happy fly'n all…

  3. Hi Trevor great review. I'm curious about the capacitor hanging off the power leads. Is that your addition and I presume it is to help give a clearer signal to video. Is that what it's doing and what is it's size? Keep up the great reviews. Love your work mate cheers

  4. Have you received your MASSIVE DRONER Yet. I have ordered HGLRC F440 STACK, RCX-H1306 , 2.5 props . This is one I did with kingkong 1104 motors and a E-max F3 stack , sorry I need my P.C. to send you them ,I know hold on

  5. hey i didn't realize you were in Australia i thought it wasn't legal to use an fpv headset here? how do you guys get away with it? been wanting to get into bigger quads I've just been messing around with whoops etc

  6. Hey Trev glad to see you got the BHr. I have to say I love it so much I am getting another lol. I have one that I converted to a 2.5 in gemfan flash and the 2.5in arms from PiroFliprc and big difference and more peppy on a 3s. Though I feel the 2in set up is still sweet I am gonna get another just to leave on 2in props and arms.

  7. Looks like a great bit of gear but that capacitor hanging off the side looks like a real weak point to me. I think i will wait for V2 when they fix that obvious failure point. Something like this with the new smaller run cam split would be amazing.


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