Elite Dangerous 1.3 Prospector and Collector Limpet (drone) Mining


So i wanted to see if bigger ships will be able to mine with the new drone system… the answer: If that bug will be fixed when all my drones think they are …


  1. When I started the game, there were collector drones everywhere. Now that I need one, its nowhere to be found… Tell me the location where you dound it. Ive been looking dor over 4hrs now… Any location will do.

  2. Thank you for making this video. Nobody should EVER mine in this game, EVE BSGO and Minecraft did it better.
    ED is sadly falling down a deep hole with crap mechanics like one time use drones, no scanners, refinery mini games, lowest income per class/career. 
    Make a stand guys, nobody should ever mine in ED.
    Make them fix it.

  3. Mate, you did a cool presentation of a new feature of this game. Thanks for that.
    But next time when you will be recording a video, please decrease game volume and increase your microphone volume.


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