EBike Battery Pack || DIY or Buy || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 2)


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  1. Did you include the price of a battery voltage meter and enclosure in your calculation? I think it's cheaper buying a battery from China, but you don't really know if they use the cells stated or a good balancing circuit until you get it delivered.

  2. Hello mister great Scott I'm wondering if you would be out of touch base on using a hall effect censored throttle from an ebike to output a system that runs on a potentiometer I cannot find a signal converter or any video too convert the hall effects signal to a resisted signal of that of a potentiometer or is this something that's just not going to work I'm pretty new to electronics or even anybody in the comments would be great

  3. I bought 14*6-cell lithium-ion laptop battery with some Samsung 2200mah 18650 cells, created a 13p6s 48v 13.2ah battery pack for my bike with some left, its worth mentioning that I used solder instead of welding and used hot glue instead of those spacers….but anyways my bike runs great, fast, for a long time. The best thing is that it cost me only 60% compared to a similar ready-made battery pack, plus a lot of fun…..

  4. I'm doing a project to run a motorcycle alternator as a starter dynamo to start the engine. I've made a circuit like this with 12v input, but it will not work. is the voltage insufficient or is there something I should add?
    Plase help me. Thanks before

  5. DIY is by far the winner if you aren't paying for the 18650's. I found out that many hospitals have battery packs for monitoring equipment that only discharge when the hospitals power and backup generator go out. They replace them every 5 years and they sell the old ones for virtually scrap steel prices. I walked away with 50Kg of 18650's that are almost all 2800mAh. Bit of work to get them separated but only because glue was used in the pack.

  6. Dear Mr scott

    i want to Build a 7s 24v battery pack and i cant found a good bms for my pack
    can you help me to find one ?
    Maybe the same company from your bms but for my uses(:


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