Eachine Wizard X220 Review | THE PERFECT FIRST RACING DRONE?


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  1. I purchased this and it immediately caught fire…. Literally. I sent pictures as requested by bangood, but they have not issued a refund. They have been horrible to deal with. I'm extremely disappointed

  2. i had esc failure… but banggood fully refunded after an educated explanation. 4S caused ESC failure. smoke… almost fire… glad i ran to my quad and snatched the battery. Great starter especially if you order upgraded parts and do your homework. Watch more Josh Bardwell videos and you MIGHT understand why this is a great starter build, as long as you have a little toy racer to fly inside while you research.

  3. Hi Joshua. Sorry if this has been asked. Do you know the relationship between the DIP switch and the frequency chart on the product page at Banggood? I've searched for that model vtx (TS5823S) but they don.t seem to show what I see with my eachine vrd2 goggles.

  4. My Wizard arrived !! Unfortunately my excitement soon turned to fear as i realised how hard these things are to fly. I've had a few basic and cheap copters that bored me very quickly. I wanted something with a bit more grunt and maneuverability…….i sure got that. The lack of coordination and my awareness and ability to workout direction has disheartened me as it feels like FPV flight would be impossible. Can practice fix this or is flying these things something that some people can and some just can't do? …..I used 2 batteries and broke 4 props.

  5. Hi Mr Bardwell

    First of all I want to thank you for such amazing and useful video.

    I have a bit of an issue. 

    I am the owner of a Wizard X220 and have replaced the standard 2300 Kv they came with and the also the standard 20 A ESC. 

    I got new Sumax SR2207CS 2400KV Brushless motor with some new Racerstar Labs 28A 2-5S Dshot600

    What I instantly notice is that these motors and ESC are quickly draining my 4s Lipo. ( Meaning less flight time) 

    And to be honest, I do not see any major speed or maneuver upgrade, although they are much smoother than the old motors. 

    My question is : I am doubting if I should put these motors under 5s Lipos ?;

    1. The manufacturer put all the specs of the motors except the Max input Voltage of the motors. 
    I am afraid to fry out something if I use 5 s lipo 

    2. As far as the ESC are capable of handling 5s lipo

    What do you thing I should do if. I am aiming at high speed favored to less torque. 

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  6. I have this one. I have run that thing all over the place and into almost everything on the property. I have to admit for the price, this thing can take a beating if nothing else.
    Do not like the rigid antenna connection on the rear. I had to replaces the vtx within the first week. I went with a remotely located vtx and an extension coax for the antenna. I have a "janky" motor bearing as well. But I have still been plowing it around. I have new motors ready for when and if these fail.
    If you take off the foam landing pads, the LEDs and current limiters get ripped off. I just bought extra foam pads.
    Also the ESCs are held on with zipties. those lasted about 4 flights. I just electrical taped them down.

  7. Hi I have one of these on its way , can you do an alarm set up vid , say , placing it , wiring it up , set up for dummy's, I haven't got the goggles as yet and don't know how to set this stuff up yet , I have been flying helis for years , building them , etc mainly 800 size and gassers , so theses are going to be fun good vids keep going thanks

  8. He has so much doubt about it. Don't criticize the quad without giving it a chance. I know the title says otherwise, but he has so much doubt and "It looks good now but believe me it'll break."

  9. Can anyone help a noob, I bought this, I have a spektrum receiver, I watched this video and I didn't see where he said he would get to showing the uart , I have the spektrum quad race receiver 3.3v and I think I have an idea but if anyone can help it would be really appreciated thanks

  10. Hi Mr. Bardwell

    I've recently got my Wizard X220 and am still flying it safely. I tested its range before fail safe mode is activated and i get a distance of 170 meters around me. ( still uncertain about that distance)

    My Question is …. What is the best way to increase the range distance for my Quadcopter in your opinion. And also methods on how to know its range capacities precisely.

    Best regards, and grateful for your help and time.

  11. Help needed: got my wizard, flew it a few times, no major crashes. Then
    one day I went out to fly and one of the motors has stopped working all
    together. I have checked wiring, everything is connected. Could the ESC
    already be out? I just want to get back in the air!

  12. Joshua Bardwell

    I have an Eachine wizard since 2 weeks.
    today i was flying and while taking off in bounced the ground.

    since then 1 esc stopped working.
    I checked everything.
    i switched a good esc to that motor and it worked fine.
    so i think the esc burned up.

    I want to ask you something.
    I know that the esc's on the wizard are racerstar 20a blheli esc's.
    would you recommend the same brand or another?
    and should i go for 30 or 35 amps since i fly with 4s all the time.

    thank you for taking the time to read this.
    i ask you advise because you know this stuff is i am a big fan.


  13. im killing myself! i have a spracing f3 flashed to current software. i have a x8r bound to taranis. in betaflight ports uart 3 set to serial rx. everthing seems good. i go to receiver tab and zero. check inputs and mixes on taranis all looks identical to my wizard setup. any ideas this is driving me crazy. thank you for your time

  14. please can you tell me where I can get help with my wizard !all seems well but the motors will not spin up on the bottom board if I tilt it a little a red led starts to flash and it seems the comms are ok but no motors arargagag!

  15. I had the same issue with the ESC's running multishot after upgrading them to 16.6 after that they wouldn't calibrate. I then rolled the firmware back to 16.4 and multishot calibrated fine. A very weird bug to be sure.


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