Perfect for beginners! Super easy. Very little soldering. Easy to build within 2 hours. Step by step build video for the Tyro99 Fpv Race Drone. The Tyro99 is the …


  1. Hey Bro. I am stopping in to ask a question. I've had the dji spark but I gave it away. I have the mavic pro alpine and original as well as the mavic2pro which I got the week of it's release. I'm thinking of getting the evo but I could get the dji goggles and mavic air for that price of a spark and a mav air. what would you do. It's mainly for my channel but the evo would come in handy with the no fly areas in Colorado and in NYC.

  2. Excellent thorough build Justin!! This will help me out alot in building this quad. My 1st build was the FT Gremlin Turbo & will make the Tyro99 my next build. Have a fun & safe weekend. Happy flying

  3. Day mate, fully subbed, bell icon & smashed that like. looking forward to watching & sharing videos with you. Cheers brother from (OutBack Country) Western Australia

  4. Great build video, right at the end with them screw heads interfering with the battery, I'd swap them for countersunk screws and carefully drill into the frame with a 6mm drill bit so the heads are flush

  5. Nice video as usual Justin, if you used the not on the end of the sma connector it will not let the 5.8ghz wire end seat properly and as a result, the antenna will turn freely. The fix is the not use the nut that holds the SMA extension wire. The antenna once tight will do the same job as the nut. Just a tip that I noticed when building my quads.

  6. Hay Justin, Great Video thanks for the information I have been looking at this quad the only thing I would change would be the camera and possibly the motors but not sure yet so I want to build one first just waiting for the mail. Keep it Flying. JohnnyDRC


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