Eachine Racer 250 Drone Flight Test Review


This quadcopter may be the perfect entry level quadcopter for FPV racing. Buy it here …


  1. I get so sad when I see people accept all the so called rolls put down into their tht. !!? If people think the roll is a good idea then they should obey it, if they think it is not then f. it. If enough people say no, then they have to come upย with a new brain washing roll, at least you have some breathing time….:) Anyways thank you for sharing, very interesting….:)

  2. loving ya videos.wish I could afford one of these ore any racing drone.mine is husband x4 lower end 40 pound model lol.will get one one day.keep em coming.videos and reviews are neat lol

  3. You would think the mfg(ers) would be intelligent enough to send units out, pay for testing and documentation, feedback. Send consumer models with documentation that makes sense. I used to import from China various products and it in fact would take up to 6 months to get them to finally figure out any production. Basically send them a doll you want made and their 1st version would have 2 heads.."no no, we don't need two headed dolls", They redo and comes back with 4 legs and 1 head, "no no we don't need 4 legged dolls"., Next version one head, two legs, 4 eyes…6 months later it's correct for the most part, but wrong materials used or wood crated and customs sends it all wood crated freight back due to insects.

  4. Anyone: How to set up to self level, like a beginner mode, slow down and stop? Tried Cleanflight, (not knowing what i'm doing) only made it worse. Hit cleanflight reset. Who knows if it went back to original?

  5. Hey! I am getting this as a Christmas gift to myself, and while I do have beginner/intermediate experience with mini drones and others, I am still not yet experienced enough with the technical things about FPV and drones. I was wondering if you were able to fix the Gyro problem that you quite obviously had with it? I have read other reviews of people with similar problems, but they never said how they managed to fix it. Thanks for the help if you give me any!

  6. Hi I've been looking for a fpv racer becouse I want to get into that but there are so many option my budgets under 300 for now and I'd rather buy a kit becouse I don't really know how to build one.Please help I have been thinking about the robo cat but any thing will do as long as it's easy to fly but it can still do alot.Please and thank you.P.s love your drone vids

  7. quadcopter 101, of all the people that i have watched that shows reveiws on drones, i just want to say you do a great Job in doing what you do. thankyou, your video's are great. i have now bought a new eachine falcon 250. but it has a few flaws to it. first day flying it the stands that they put on it was real weak. and they mounted led lights on the bottom of it, you can see them at a distance even they are bright. i am going to change them to a different location.

  8. I like your videos but you may want to be more familiar with all functions and controls before doing a review? In this video you were not sure of what you were doing when switching flight modes, and I do not believe you are able to switch off the "flight stabilization" on any quad as without the computer aided stabilization they will not fly or fly for long with any amount of control. The flight modes must adjust the degree of stabilization, and/or the degree of control input, but not turn the stabilization on or off?

  9. I'm willing to bet my paycheck that the HobbyPeople HPHeli BatFly Racer 250. (I have one). the Box, packing, chassis, motors (from what I can see), battery compartment, same Rx 7" display and mounting, specs, everything looks the exact same except (for private labeling purposes to HP) that the BatFly has "body parts" to make it look like a Batman Bat. Try and get you're hands on one to review please.

    HP said you should set/calibrate the ESC's to 400mhz to preserve ESC life. Do you have any comments on that??


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