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This week we are bringing you 6 Drones under $90 with a camera, and are starting cheap with a Quadcopter for under $30! Introducing the H8C Mini, a 2.4 Ghz …


  1. The flight battery is accessible if you remove the upper canopy, The battery is stuck in there with double-sided tape (it does plug in; e.g. it isn't soldered in place); though I imagine you could use Velcro to fasten the replacement in when the OEM battery poops out. 🙂

  2. you can gain access to the battery through the top center piece, there is a notch towards the back for your finger nail and the battery is plugged into the circuit board. I have one on order.

  3. i found with these drones that are hard to see your orientation is to give a quick coat of bright colored paint to two of your arms or just the props if they are white. Thinking about grabbing this one with the case (extra $10 Canadian) for when im at the park it would be great for the kids to try flying that sit there spending time watching me fly my stuff. Great job with another video , stay high and keep it in the sky.

  4. I really like your videos man, they have opened my eyes to what can be done with these amazing toys! I want to thank you, I know you didn't directly encourage me, but I'm going to start a photography business soon, and I'm always going to follow your drone advice!FreuderLocksSubscribed


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