Eachine E5C Camera Drone Review with Cool Sunglasses


This very cheap X5C clone is an excellent flier, and it comes with a pair of cheap sunglasses! Find it here …


  1. it seems impossible to find spare parts for this E5C, Banggood and aliexpress don't sell the original propellers for this quadcopter, eachine website is a joke (check it out and go on spare parts… it's actually funny)…anyhow anybody knows if syma parts will fit in this eachine E5C. It seems , as per Quadcopter101 first impression that the props have higher pitch that the syma X5C-1…any advice? Thank you.
    BTW Quadcopter 101 i always check your videos before buying anything tha flies

  2. Hey i am wondering i keep on seeing that you upload a video like every day and do you buy it with your money? and do you keep those quadcopters and how many quadcopters do you have?

  3. Hi Quadcopters101. I've been watching vids on your channel for some time now because I'm trying to get into quadcopters and so far you've done the best reviews I've seen. But I had a couple questions. A lot of times you talk about yaw rate. What is yaw? Also I saw your review on the syma x5c on how good it was for beginners, like myself, but when I saw your review on the x11 that quad seemed to fit my needs as a beginner more. So is the X11 going to be easier or harder to learn on as a new pilot compared to the syma x5c?

  4. Great Review !! This will be the second copter I have bought because of your reviews ! I love my X6 Tarantula ! It was the perfect copter to learn to fly and continue to hone my skills. This one because of the low jello and size I can take with me on vacations. I hope to eventually get into a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. For aerial photography, would you go that route or one of the others ? ( in the $400-500 range)


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