Eachine E58 Mavic Pro copy Folding Beginner drone Transmitter or APP control WiFi FPV HD w/a camera


Eachine E58: supplied by Banggood my personal choice is 2.0mp camera & 3 batteries 😉 Extra Batteries: Another …


  1. just had this drone for grandchildren for christmas , as you have stated in your video the instructions are useless ! { great video by the way} but whats the app i need for my samsung s7 ? thanks.

  2. A quick tip for anyone who has just got one of these. SET THE TRIM. mine flew up, up, and away. I've just spent the last hour wandering through the fields in the dark looking for mine.
    The up and down control worked fine. It flew up into the sky perfectly, then just drifted away into the distance. The forward and back control didn't seem to do anything.
    The moral of the story is, fly it at low level, and make sure all is good, before you take to the sky.

  3. Love to hear that the controller "antenna" are fake. my drone came in with one broken in half. Never had any remote controlled vehicle before. So there will be a learning curve. Your videos are VERY useful!!

  4. Thank you for the video. Same as my DroneX “Emotion”. The controller push button on the left side, front side, upper edge; that you said didn’t work, is actually the camera snap shot or video (long press) toggle. The one below it is the headless or return button toggle

  5. Die Gurke hat die Bezeichnung Mavic Clone nicht verdient. Das ist als würde ich einen Bootsanleger mit einem Hafen vergleichen. Für die paar Euro und für den Garten ohne Ansprüche an Reichweite oder Videoqualität mag das Spielzeug was für die kleinen oder Vieleicht auch noch großen Kinder interessant sein? Aber dann doch bitte nicht mit Mavic in Verbindung bringen, da sind Welten dazwischen .


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