Eachine E58 720P Folding FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This folding Mavic clone drone produces very nice 720p HD video, and records directly to a microSD card to eliminate lag. Find it here Pros …


  1. This situation happened to me too, I put the SD card on the barely I managed to get it out of it, and since then I have not put more. It's like there's no place to place it in the right position

  2. The battery does not have a micro USB socket. Impossible to charge battery with the provided micro USB. Asked supplier how to charge battery – so far no response. DO NOT BUY THIS DRONE UNTIL THEY HAVE SORTED THE CHARGING!

  3. Pity you didn't review controlling it with the phone app over Wifi without use of the remote. One of great point of foldable drones is they are fairly compact, but the RC practically doubles the volume you need to carry with you. This one, with MicroUSB built into the batteries is just great regarding clutter and size; a phone, a powerbank, the drone, and you're good to go. But that depends on controls not being too laggy.

  4. Why do you have stop using the word "via"? Is it not proper English? I'm Dutch and I use via quite a lot. You're a native speaker, should I use another word in stead of "via"? Now on topic: which is best: Visuo XS809W or this one?

  5. Hello great video,can i ask something?
    How does this "thing" open? i i have charged the batteries-3 of them-put them in the drone but the power keeps off doesnt open,do i have to do something more?
    Thanks a lot……

  6. My controller does activate the video by holding the left video button down until it beeps and then the lights will flash and start the recording and a quick press again to stop, not sure about the still photo, that only seem to work through the app!


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