Eachine E56 Selfie Drone Review


The Eachine E56 has a totally different way to control the drone. The “gravity sensor” one-handed remote was surprisingly easy to learn and would be good for beginners. Eachine E56 Selfie…


  1. The video is surprisingly good and smooth for a budget Quadcopter.
    I would be concerned with button 5 since it is so close to you palm that I wonder how many people accidentally hit that button while flying and have their Quadcopter plummet to the ground.
    I think I would all a door to that button so it is only activated when required.

  2. The new transmitter is quite bizarre but really innovative isn't it! We've just reviewed it as well and the only enhancement that we'd like to see is that the movement control of the transmitter only works with the trigger on it held down, so that when letting out of it, the drone will just hover. Feel free to checkout our review and drop us a comment!

  3. I immediately dismissed this as a gimmicky toy when it was first advertised, but that controller scheme actually sounds really logical and easy to use. Is it fairly precise? Novices won't be doing themselves any good by getting used to this control scheme. I imagine it's easy to power and stick an micro AIO fpv cam on top for some lag-free fpv. Oh- I see blimp hangars!


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