Eachine E50 Selfie Drone Flight Test Review


This cheap foldable pocket FPV camera quadcopter can be taken and flown just about anywhere to get those all important selfie shots ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can buy this here or here on…


  1. The E-50 I got has return to home,altitude hold Auto take off, Auto land just like the Dobby Sorry your wrong there. No it does not have sound, so that is just well does not bother me at all. For what it is and What it is used for can not be happier with a $30. RTF drone over a $300 drone I would not use for fear of crashing.I have another $30. $300 is not hard to come by take some of us a few

  2. are you using the accelerometer or gyroscope in your phone? the new phone i ordered, the leagoo m8 pro, has accelerometers, but no gyroscope. will it work? also, the jxd 523w seems to be a clone of this, but nowhere on youtube so idk if it's the same.

  3. I haven't used any quad before and don't know how well I'll fly one. I want a beginner one with a decent camera. which cheap fpv drone had the best camera? I wouldn't want to spend a lot either.

  4. hi have one of these im not happy with it gears broke quickly and does not respond with phone quickly can you give an advice of what to buy next I need something that is good for a bit of wind


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