Eachine E012HC | Micro Drone 720p Camera + Built-in DVR


I made a missteak, this E012HC come out last year. I was thinking of another Drone Bryan and I got from another company. Well at least this is still a Great flyer …


  1. Pretty cool man. Good review bro. Wondering how long you have been doing reviews on drones? I just started a channel doing drone reviews. Just unboxing at the moment. I'm waiting for my hat with camera mount so I can get some flying action as well. So you're pretty good and just wondered how long you have been doing this? I almost bought that last week but I ran out of money lol. This week I bought the force 1 F100 ghost, force 1 UFO 4000, Parrot Mambo with flypad, getting the force 1 scoot for free, a used DX4 (sharper image) to fix my old one, and getting my hubsan 502e replacement that I returned for a defective motor. So I have been building a small army around 20+ drones now and getting into the review game.

  2. I love this little guy. It is a shame the sdcard won't record but it isn't a huge deal because it isn't fpv but it is still nice to be able to check out your flight footage with these whoops. Nice job Donnie!

  3. Hey Big D, hope everything went well in the hospital and you're doing better… I actually bought one of these to turn into a nano-whoop but I'm having trouble getting the cam on top of it, it's really small…


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