Eachine E011C Christmas Santa Drone Flight Test Review


It’s Santa. On a drone! Playing Jingle Bells!! This cheap stocking stuffer drone has powerful motors. Strip off Santa and the speakers, and turn it into a Whoop …


  1. If you already own the Eachine E010 is very easy to make the mods to the canopy, that allow you to fly any Lego figure… check it out on my channel, if you like.
    Just type eachine e010 lego in the search box.

  2. This one was fun! It's my favorite JJRC/Eachine xmas item. Powerful little micro that is absolutely good after Christmas with the santa and top removed (speaker too). Didn't know that you could even use a multiprotocol transmitter for this one. Great information! Also, this is the BEST idea ever… who doesn't want to be able to annoy the heck out of everyone with a flying-singing-christmas drone. Oh, and I struggled getting it to flip. I got one flip and then it wouldn't do them consistently. Haven't figured it out yet.


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