Eachine E010S PRO Brushed Whoop Review ✌️


This brushed whoop comes with good PIDs out of the box, but my fun didn’t last too long… Eachine E010S PRO Brushed Whoop – ▽ RC …


  1. Banggood wont fix my transtec frog lite 218 and won’t refund me my full amount. It broke two days after getting here and was due to a faulty vtx or something.

    What do I do?! It’s already been a week

  2. i thought sharks can swim hahahaha. the 716 motors are super rare rn tbh. I have not found many stores, just like 2 or 3 online stores. used 720 motors on my broken tiny 6x hahaha. I had to do some changes tho but works better in my opinion~ Great video and keep up the great work!

  3. Still fly my E010s and E011 indoors. (Agree the E011 0716 motors are preferred). They fly ok but seem to constantly need to fiddle with something – motor, cam, antenna,…Maybe the snapper will solve everything. Question: My XJB-145 is great but video has gotten pretty poor. Flying the stock Vtx and whip antenna, and use AOMway CP and Menace Bandicoot on goggles. When I forgot to switch to the Bandicoot the other day, the video was much better using the Menace Invader (CP). I fly a perimeter of 4 soccer fields with a bunch of metal light towers. Does the better video on the 2 CP antennas make sense?


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