Dubai’s flying drone taxi service is lifting off | Engadget Today


The autonomous passenger drone service would be the first in the world Dubai was serious when it said it wants to be first in the world to offer a flying taxi …


  1. Good idea, they can create a station based on tower and helipad, and virtual path, to each station, under each tower a car park, people can drop their car take the taxi and come back since it electrically operates the operation cost will be cheap. this can be a other public transportation.

  2. 16-rotor passenger drone personal taxi service looks promising! the next best thing to an affordable and safe flying car. – just a -note: Elon Musk has all the parts for an all electric flying car.

  3. To be honest, 3 general questions which can lead to sub-questions such as how much it cost compare to current taxi or helicopter etc..

    1) Safety
    2) Affordability
    3) Profitability

  4. People talking about gimmicks and jokes and won’t ever be anything.

    They said the same thing about computers when they took up a whole floor and did less then a human can.

    Now look at what is in your hands.

    You people have no vision because your arrogant, humanity’s hubris is what dooms it.


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