DroningON | How To Avoid Drone Scams – Drone Buyers Guide


Buying a drone without first considering the risks can lead to an invalid warranty, old shelf stock or an inability to return it if things go wrong. This guide will …


  1. John Lewis. I bought my MP there for the TWO year warranty and no quibble customer service. Not overpriced either. Same as Argos etc. They don't stock the MP any more (presumably they will have the MP 2 soon)? But do have the Air, goggles etc.

  2. I'm going to buy a high quality drone soon. After listening to you in this video, I've decided to buy directly from the manufacturer. I want them to have the higher profit. Excellent video! Thank you!

  3. Good information Ash. I used to buy a lot of drones from Amazon, but as I became more aware I found that they charge quite a bit more than others, i.e. GB, BG, TOMTOP. Amazon is still attractive for hardware sometimes when I need it fast – Prime shipping. Mostly GB , BG, and GetFPV for me. I also like Grayson Hobbies because they setup a lot of what they sell, and are Veteran owned. Cheers!

  4. Here in Australia, I have had few problems and no unexpected additional costs buying from ebay.au, banggood and gearbest. I enjoy pure manual flight with the MJX Bugs range, with add-on fpv and HD cameras. Had no problems getting money back or replacement of faulty gear. Lost a customized Bugs 3 with fpv and HD camera in a lake – total replacement cost – $300 AU. A very inexpensive and enjoyable hobby. Even with the new 10% tax on on-line buys, the range and cost of quadcopters available from Australian retailers is non competitive.

  5. my last 2 phantom 3's were bought off of Craigslist. Risky, I know, but in both cases, I met with the sellers, was able to do a test flight, and walked away pretty happy. (in both cases, they were moving to the maverick) In both cases, I got extras like 3 batteries, extra props, nice cases. For $500 I felt pretty good. It's like getting a used car for a decent price, when there's no way you ever be able to buy a new car


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