DroneX Pro Test – Fake? (= Eachine E58 / Blade720 Drohne)


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  1. As stated during this review, a very fun toy. I found a special deal and got three of them for $90 US. Excellent toy, and for those not sure they want to get into drones but wanting to have a shot at trying one this is a great little intro toy to practice and play with.

  2. Für Blade 720 werden jetzt sogar youtube Werbeclips geschaltet vor Drohnen Videos mit einer so offensichtlich dummen Masche, dass es schon traurig ist anzusehen. Ja wird ein offensichtlier EX DJI Mitarbeiter vorgestellt, der sich zum Ziel gemacht hat, solche Drohnen zum echten Preis anzubeiten, nicht wie bei DJI mit 1000% Gewinn. Die Blade720 im Video ist aber offensichtlich eine DJI Mavic mit Gimbal usw.. Auch werden automatisierte Loopings beworben als Vorteil gegenüber DJI, spätestens da sollte jeder noch so unintelligente Mensch aufwachen, da sowas bei hochwertigen Kameradrohnen absoluter quatsch und sogar schädlich für den Gimbal wäre.

  3. Thank you for this review. I have been seeing the ads but was confused because in the video, they kept showing DJI Mavic, especially when they were demonstrating the "gimbal" system. In one video, they also implied there was a "follow me" mode, but there is not one available. I thank you so much for taking the time to expose this Drone X Pro scam. On eBay you can still buy the E58 for $45-$50 with 4 batteries. As you said, for a fun toy, it will do well. I used to have a DJI Phantom 2 and it was amazing, The Mavics are even better, and eventually, I'll have a Mavic, unless I can find a good model of another brand with GPS that is cheaper. Thanks again for answering my questions and doubts about the Drone X Pro.

  4. I just almost bought one here in Canada. Now it's called Blade 720 Pro. They keep naming them differently to make it hard to find reviews. I recognized the word "Emotion" on the side in cheap gold paint 🙂 You probably saved $$$ for all of us. TANK YOU!

  5. Hallo
    Ich bin auf dieses Video gekommen weil mir auf YouTube Werbung von einer Drohne gezeigt wurde. (Blade 720) für unter 100€.
    Sieht verdammt gleich aus.

  6. Enjoyed the video. I'm of Nederlandse heritage so I was able to understand > 50% without the subtitles. For $50+/- it looks like a great starting point. Again, I appreciate the effort you put into the video. I subscribed.

  7. People in the lower comment are not wrong when they say this is the best video about these drones out there period. In the other vids people go on like they part own thing. These vids are more of what we need.. You have a new subscriber

  8. Awesome video! Now I'm more leaning towards the FIMI X8 SE. One question, will I face any problem with customs while importing drones to Germany from China? Thinking of buying from Banggood.

  9. Aktuell wird die Drohne unter dem Namen BLADE 720 beworben für "super" 100 Euro, sieht aus und scheint die DroneX Pro zu sein! Evtl mal ein aufklärendes Video auf eurem Kanal wert!

  10. Today I saw this drone advertised via YouTube as the “Blade 720”, but looks exactly like this. Tells some story about a guy who used to work for DJI and decided to start his own company. I’m pretty sure that’s totally made up. The ad even says they didn’t want to spend a dime on marketing, but then they have YouTube ads! Sadly deceptive.

  11. Thanks for the review. Good catch on the fake websites too. If its too good to be true… it isn't. But at least it seems like an okay starter drone if you aren't doing any serious work.


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