Drones Suck….IMO


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  1. I mean you have a right to be upset you paid hard earned money for it and it broke before you really got to use it and it's not like you were shooting at it, it just Lost control, They should have it so it deployes a parachute and stops the motors

  2. I'm really sorry to hear it took a dive on you! If I had money, I would send you a new one and tell you to take that one to the range and put it out of your misery. Maybe your awesome sponsors will hook you up with the money to buy a new one. Keep up the awesome work you gentlemen do and keep your chin up!

  3. DJI is going down.  They look and act like $4000 toys meant for recreational use.  They last a year and that's it.  New companies are going to likely step up and take the reins in drone technology.  I do videography work for clients and I'd rather rent one than own one.  All I ever hear about them are horror stories about them wrecking.  I was helping on a Toyota shoot and the only drone we had flew into a fifty foot tree.  We had to stop everything and go after it the hard way.  Drones get great shots, but their dependability is extremely low right now.

  4. Yes, I unfortunately work for a crappy overseas consumer electronics company and the warranty policy is always designed to make people use it as least as possible. It sucks because I work in the warranty department. My recommendation is to email this video into the company but at the end just shoot the gun into a million pieces lol! Also put that on the Q/A and reviews section on amazon. These companies usually have U.S. based marketing or PR so they hate when people put poor reviews online.


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