Drones for Beginners | Can I Replace a Phantom with a DJI Inspire or Mavic 2 Pro?


In today’s show, we reveal some of the best drones for beginners and discuss their pros and cons in great detail. We discuss the Phantom, DJI Inspire, Parrot …


  1. Thanks for your efforts getting these casts out on YouTube (my personally favorite way to get this info). I own the Anafi and LOVE it! Mind you I am just now getting started in the mapping arena but will keep you up to date on my efforts there with. I can tell you that I have had it out filming in steady 22 MPH winds along the Texas coast on projects and even in gusts upward of 27 MPH and found it very steady and easy to control. I purchased it originally because of a contract inspecting railway bridging and needed a cost effective drone with an upward pointing camera. It has now become my favorite goto camera platform for inspection services.

    Thanks again and keep the info coming! One last shout-out, I love the Drone News segments on the weekends and miss them dearly when they are not there.


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