Drones are Fun! 3DR Solo Review and Aerial Photography


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  1. does this Drone have Altitude hold? Ive never owned a Drone but I did try a Drone Sim on my PC and on that I had to hold the left stick slightly up to keep the drone from going too high and low… its not easy and not comfortable to my thumb so I was wondering if this Drone is like that.

  2. Can anyone tell me if I should buy one of these? I was set on one. Then I started reading all the glitches and bad reviews and have been nervous. I already have a GoPro 3 silver. So I'm not worried about that. It seems that nobody can give me a straight forward answer. Is this thing a dud and not worth the money or is it worth the buy? I like the looks and everything. I just don't want to get into problems.

  3. B&H Photo is now selling this drone, a gimbal, and a battery for $399. I already own a GoPro, which is the only reason I bought this. I would've never bought this at $1000 plus the expense of buying a GoPro. The fact that they're liquidating to focus on commercial drones actually helped this drone be a reasonable buy. IF you already own a GoPro.

  4. Ha! I thought like you, thinking I would be able to upgrade my GoPro over time. Wrong! The Solo does not support the just-released GoPro 5. At least that's what I'm reading in the various forums. Like your video. I've been building all my photography drones from scratch for a couple years, but the latest price on the Solo ($399 at Best Buy with gimbal) was a deal I couldn't refuse.

    P.S., I'm OK with not being able to upgrade my GoPro 4 Black at this point. It shoots great footage and the 4K/2.7K specs means I'll wear out the quadcopter before I am forced to shift to the latest video format.

  5. curious about how well this drone/gopro does for aerial survey and mapping applications? it seems like people swap out the lense or use a camera with GPS such as the Canon S100.

  6. I've been thinking of this for a long, long time. I always wanted to get into RC airplanes and I thought it would be cool to hook a small camera to it, and photograph birds in flight. This looked just what I had in mind, until I heard the price. I could get a RC plane kit for under $300.00 Then all I have to do is hook up a small spy cam. That I don't know how much that would cost. Of course, learning how to fly the thing is what would take some time. LOL.

  7. Nice video and I have had a Solo for quite a while now and there are a few things about the design that I still cannot get my head around. Why the gimbal is so close to the ground and then releasing leg extensions, cannot really use the 4k vid from the go pro as the legs will be in view I believe. However the smart shots rock and this is the main selling point. The multi point cable cam is awesome, and the updates coming out over the next few weeks will really set this apart. I have a Phantom 2 as well so I know the DJI stuff and I would choose this over the P4 every day of the week. Thanks again for the vid. BTW to correct exposure for photos you need protune on.

  8. Great video ! Thank you for being a proffsional photog and using a 3dr solo ! I have been building and flying multis for 6 years and 3dr is the best!!! DJI phantoms are just a gimiky toy! They are not a real tool like the solo is, plus solo does a wonderful job of mapping and  fully Autonomus flight making it a real drone which a dji p4 is not! not to mention dji has zero customer service! and I am a good pilot but with the solo it truly is tough I had a 60+ mph crash into a frozen field and only broke I prop!. I do recommend buying a ANTENNA FROM TONY AT FPVLR AND ALSO HEAD & TAILLIGHT SETUP AND PROPGUARDS  FROM POLARPROFILTERS AS WELL AS FOLDABLE LEG EXTENSION FROM RELISH3D. IF YOU EVER WANT OR NEED A CUSTOM MULTIROTER THAT CAN CARRY A DSLR TYPE CAMERA WHICH SELL FOR TENTHOUSAND MINIMUM UP TO DOUBLE THAT I CAN BUILD YOU THE SAME THING BUT 110% BETTER BECAUSE I USE ONLY TOP OF THE LINE QUIPMENT THEY USE MOSTLY NO NAME CRAP! I ALSO HAVE CUSTOMERS THAT YOU CAN SPEAK WITH WHO PURCHASED CUSTOM RIGS FROM ME AND SAVE 5 TO 10 GRAND AND GOT A WAY BETTER MULTI!  EMAIL ME AT    davidringler40@yahoo.com

  9. I have a solo and it's amazing.. I love the fact that I can remove my gopro to use for other shots (makes for a better work flow) sorry dji fixed camera won't cut it. 3dr is getting out of the consumer game not the solo game.. please read facts people. 3dr also has been running sales solo,gimbal,extra props and extra battery plus a bag for $999 dji let's talk about all your smart shots oh yeah you don't have any. customer service dji sucks more then a Dyson vacuum. and when the new gopro comes out dji you will be stuck with a camera that is installed.

  10. I feel like the Phantom 4 will be better… its simpler… you can do more stuff with it, and manual controls for photo and video, and its cheaper if you dont have a go pro… I think they implemented switching the camera module in the future… And even the Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced is still really good, while being fairly cheap! cheaper than this…

  11. Great video Toby, though I wished you would have mention the restrictions that must municipalities now have drones. Here in Wisconsin there are only a few places to fly them. You can't use them in city, country or state parks, and more restrictions are added every year.

  12. Great review and samples. Gosh, I'd love one but you can't even take off in a hefty radius around Washington, DC. Don't forget to register your new drone with the FAA for a whopping $5. It's worth registering to avoid the penalties and possible jail time.


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