Drone Video Tips, let’s review footage


We can learn from reviewing other peoples drone footage Great tips are available just by observing. Thanks for watching these videos I hope they help and you …


  1. Hey Patrick I having issues with my drone Phantom3 standard with this commend timeout error. Drone will not fly with this commend timeout if you know anything please help me

  2. Hi Patrick! A while back I sent you a link to a drone video of mine for you to review. You said you'd review it on stream but that it was 5 or so in the queue – would you be able to have a look at it soon if that's ok? Don't mean to sound pushy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. https://youtu.be/Co_FKWUGM3Uย South Padre Island Finishing Triphttps://youtu.be/9gMMkV-3K8cย South Padre Island Finishing Triphttps://youtu.be/_6s-0Wlvk0wย Race TrackNo sound I know .. just collecting footage to make a video later .. just trying to get feed back on my videos .. these are the links to a couple of my videos…. feel free to pick one out my channel for tips and tricks… I can use them.. and sorry I missed the feed I thought it was at 5pm my time

  4. I hope this is there right place to ask. Patrick where do I request for my video to be critiqued or reviewed. at the moment I only have one & would love to get feedback on it. Thanks. your live stream is so great!


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