Drone Video Tips, let’s review footage


We can learn from reviewing other peoples drone footage Great tips are available just by observing. enjoy! Click this link for your FREE pdf Drone Checklist!


  1. The manual orbiting which you mention is what I did on my low boat orbiting shot in my video which you reviewed not long back Patrick, and you even took your hat off to me regarding that shot lol.
    I must say I am a fan of the swiveling shot (where it spins while moving) which you said you don't like mid way thru this review. I think it adds an unusual prospective. Its good when your far out to hit RTH and then use the Yaw (rudder) to rotate the drone around as its flying back for some added shots. Its pretty impressive that you can do this without the phantom deviating from its RTH course.
    And I also like to see the drones shadow now and then šŸ™‚

  2. Arrgh Ā ..youtube is killing me! (new account) I thought I subscribed earlier and I looked up to see the red subscribe. anyway Ā ..there is such a need for a channel like yours! I really like you man. you're doing what we all do in our minds when we watch drone videos but you add a unique perspective. really great tips! just what I was looking for. keep up the good work!

  3. Sorry about not being able to watch live . I really appreciate the constructive criticism , ill be sure to consider all the good points made in the video. Thanks again Patrick!


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