Drone Video footage reviews LIVE with REAL TIPS to help your drone flying


We can learn from our editing techniques. Remember to subscribe! Equipment I use: new larger camera when out and about small …


  1. Patrick…took your 'get in front of the camera' suggestion to heart! Just released "How to create drone videos people will actually watch" video…and now you'll get to meet me!!! Thanks for the encouragement … and be sure to watch the credits!

  2. Best thing to do when your drone goes in the drink is to pull the battery out immediately (before you pull it out of the water, if possible). To dry it out, put it in a plastic bag with a few cups of 'crystal' cat litter for 3-4 days. Crystal cat litter is actually silica gel, which is a drying agent. It's cheap and way more effective than rice. If you crash in fresh water, you've got a good chance of saving the drone (maybe the camera, too, if you're lucky). If you crash in salt water, it doesn't matter what you do, your drone is TOAST.

    I've crashed into water twice – once in salt water, once in fresh water. My Mavic went into the fresh water, and I saved it (with the kitty litter). My Q500 went into salt water, and all the contacts and wires were badly corroded within 2 days.


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