Drone Shot down in Kentucky live footage from the Camera.


Kentucky man shoots down drown and lies. Video evidence exposing his tall tales. He falsely accused and the media made him a national hero all based on his …


  1. I am a pilot it is not edited it appears to have lost a wing or got shot but national hero there is now way of feeling who shot its Kentucky could a been a kid

  2. Fyi, this video is bogus. The world record for shooting clays is 390 feet. The elevation claimed by the drone operators was 300 ft and not directly above the property. I highly doubt Meredith was making near world record shots and the multiple witnesses in court contradict the operators claims that he was not intentionally invading people's privacy.

  3. Good job on the drone video. I just subscribed. Do mind helping me out and subscribing to my channel? My goal is a 100 subscribers this year and I'm really close. Thanks for your help. Again, nice job on the video. I look forward to watching more of your stuff. Keep it up!

  4. Dear Mr. Boggs WE all know that YOU were zooming in on a 16 yr old girl who was sunbathing in her back yard and YOU got caught.
    Personally, If i caught you doing it i would have done the same thing. Stick the drones up your ass until you learn to stop "perving" on little girls.
    Hopefully you get caught again and get the shit kicked out of you.

  5. The cached video is of lower quality. But you can definitely make out the area so yes this is the real deal and unless 2 drones were shot down in that same area its real. Bottom line is this dip shit is going to jail. I hope he gets fucked in the ass by a big black penis.

  6. You have had access to the cache the entire time. If you plug iphone into itunes, navitgate to the phone, then click apps, scroll down to DJI, and there is a folder that says "cached video" or something like it

  7. Here's why this is a FAKE video: This drone is about 50 meters straight up. With a shotgun you have about 50 meters of HORIZONTAL range. Shooting straight up your shot is limited even more. MAYBE you could reach 40 on the best day of your life, but to reach a drone THIS HIGH with the shotgun described is impossible. This is why duck hunters and the sort lure them closer, within range.

    This video has been uploaded as a PR stunt so the drone operator can claim they weren't peeping on the family. They probably were, that's the only way it would've been hit by shotgun shot.

    This is a different recording, from a different day, and it's totally edited.


  8. This video is totally fake, it's completely edited. This is a recording taken on a different day and then modified so that the owner doesn't look like the paedophile they probably are.

  9. You took your chance and lost something. Grow up. The sky is not your property and is in fact hostile to you, always has been. This is not new. It is no different than the seas, or the Internet, or outer space itself. You tried, you lost. Either try again or bask in your sorrow, the choice is yours.


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