Drone Roof Inspection by Charlotte Home Inspector


Charlotte home inspection firm Home InspectionCarolina hopes to use drones or dji phantom 2’s for roof inspections in …


  1. The drone with a better pilot would definitely do the job. But it looks like you randomly jumped on the roof with no plan. I had my roof inspected with a drone, the guy did an amazing job. He tackled it systematically. I mean he knew what he was going for before take off.

  2. I wouldn't exactly qualify this as a roof inspection. There is no way that you could see hail pitting from this shaky vid and there is absolute no way that you could detect water rot but I guess if you were checking for cannon ball holes this would work.
    No wonder there are so many new laws being passed targeting those who plan to make money from drone use.

    1. First of all you cant even fly well enough to keep the cam steady to see any potential damage in detail. Thats why you are showing us a brand new roof.
    2. You don't have the right camera equipment. You cant zoom and even if you could it would make it even harder for you to hold-steady.
    3. You are likely to cause more damage with your new toy and lack of drone experience.

    This isn't a roof inspection. This is a dude playing with a toy and trying to make money from it. Its easy to fly a DJI Phantom over a brand new roof saying "look at me everybody "I'm inspecting this roof". Wouldn't it be better to show people an example of you actually detecting a problem? You don't do that because you CANT do that!
    Are you even FAA Part 107 Certified? I didn't think so!

    Folks don't let vids like this piss you off at all Drone inspectors and operators because there is a real application for drone inspection. Unfortunately this isn't one of them.

  3. I just inspected my own roof with my DJI phantom 3. I wish DJI could add a zoom lens to allow closer views without worry of hitting something. Yeah, it would cost more but I'd pony up for it.

  4. This is why home inspectors have such a bad reputation. This is a average 2 story house, get up there and look! Flying around does not get you close enough to truly check anything. Inspectors doing a 1 to 2 hour inspection and tell everyone they are great inspectors. The industry has a big problem.


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