Drone Review – X16 Brushless GPS Drone


X16 Drone Specs & To Buy: Discount Code: rc18off The X16 drone is similar in size to a Phantom 2 or Syma X8C. It can carry a camera and has impressive GPS capabilities…


  1. No mention of the RTH feature that works almost as well as my Phantom 3. It is a challenge to fly in non-gps mode but my REAL flying skills have improved dramatically, like taking off the training wheels on bicycles and DJI drones. No mention of the killer punch out this one will do, but you have to use P3 props.

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  3. How can I trust your judgement when you do not know the difference between brushless and brushed motors. Also try flying out of gps for speed, mine screams(with dji p3 props its awsome). It does not do flips even though most sellers say it does. Best under 150 quad on the market with gps.

  4. Thanks for another great common sense review. I have bought a x16 from Gearbest which seems to have a problem with the speed control. GearBest have told me they can't help me.
    I would really appreciate it if you could spare the time to look at a video I did on YouTube.
    https://youtu.be/LWAyMVibH2c I need to know if I am binding the quad the right way or not or what might be causing the problem.
    Thank you

  5. I wish they wouldn't make it where the drone constantly beeps in headless mode. That's a feature I would like (Headless mode), but the repeated beep would cause me to look elsewhere. Thanks for the review.

  6. looks like a pretty decent drone except the biggest thing that I have with any company creating drones is having the idea to have a constant beeping when you're in a certain mode the only time a drone should ever make any type of sound is to alert you of something bad is happening. like if your battery is going to go dead soon. there's nothing wrong with a couple of beeps or chirps to let you know something's on or know that you switched into something.

  7. I've had one of these quads since early March..one of my fave quads in my collection.. Also have the previous x16w altitude hold model as well that I still fly around quite a bit these days as well


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