Drone Review – Virhuck Volar 360 Mini Quadcopter


To buy a Virhuck 360 Mini Quad on Amazon: The Virhuck 360 Mini Quadcopter is a very small and agile drone that fits neatly into the …


  1. I bought a Propel Air Micro Drone at a local Dollar General store for $25 just to see what these fly like. Well it took 25 to 30 minutes to charge and only lasted around 8 or so flights. It did the auto flips also and was fun to fly but I don't think it was worth it with so little flight time. It still works but doesn't have the power to fly. So I got a new Blade 180 QX HD and it's a great beginners quadcopter especially to fly indoors. The only thing I don't like the game controller style transmitter.

  2. not to hate. but i don't get it how u can review a quadcopter after only 1 flight.
    the first flight might go well, but at the second flight something could be wrong or you might find some other problems or this that u don't like

  3. what if your giveaway video doesn't make it to 1k likes ? are you still going to give it away ? or are you going to keep waiting for that video to get 1k ?


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