Drone Review – UDI U818A Discovery 2


For full specs and pricing: The Discovery 2 drone has been updated recently and has several improvements over the original model. The link above is to the improved discovery…


  1. What's the difference between Holy Stone U818A and UDI U818A? They seem like identical drones with different branding. What's the deal with that? Also, what is the difference betwen UDI U818A, U818A-1 and U818A+ and Discovery ??? They are confusing the hell out of me with these name combinations. It seems reviewers are adding to this problem by naming the video/article titles arbitrarily. For example, this video is titles "UDI U818A Discovery 2" while the official Amazon link in description says "UDI RC Discovery 2" so it seems you've got both the brand name and model name wrong.

  2. Hello Robert, I just wanted to thank you for your great Videos. They helped me feeling more save in the air especially the most common error ones. I just got a Phantom 4 and I feel very comfortable with it.

  3. Hello Ready Set Drone, I have a question and really need your professional opinion.
    What drone would you recommend for security surveillance?
    I need excellent air time (1hr per flight) and good camera. I can't find any solution online.

  4. This looks like it might be one of the best cheap quads. Considering the pricerange, you get a lot with alititude hold, a relatively good camera and relatively long flight time. Sounds neat.

  5. Nice looking craft! I'm not crazy about those guards being so flimsy… I'd remove them if I had that model… Thanks for posting this review!

  6. I hope they've made improvements since the Discovery WiFi 720p u818a FPV. There are probably 5 or 6 more parts to this name, I can't remember. It was difficult to find parts because I had to give a very specific indication of the version, and still didn't always get the right part. I flew mine for a few days before a motor burned out. I replaced the motor and soon the new one stopped working. I replaced the circuit board and flew for a few days before the same motor burned out again. Now I have a useless case and a bunch of useless batteries and spare parts. Obviously I was overly optimistic.
    And it's not good in the wind.


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