Drone Review – Syma X8SW


Buy on Amazon: Syma makes good drones. The Syma X8SW is a good drone for recording 720P video. It has altitude control, headless mode and can do flips. The video is not…


  1. Tenergy has a blue/w yellow trim X8SW only prob is the batteries are either white or black(aftermarket i mean)but for the price 59.99 ya cant really beat it,Its my first big drone very very excited,At 52 i got to get busy,ill let ya know how it goes

  2. WOW! A little windy? Those flags in the background were straight out and waving! I'd say it was quite windy!
    Good skills, K! Thanks for posting this fine review!

  3. One thing I learned in my 10+ years of RC flying is "altitude is your best friend". I have flown everything from 100mph ducted fan jets to aerobatic stunt planes to a bunch of drones. In this video you are 5 to 10ft at most. Had you been higher you may could have pulled out of that flip dive when it malfunctioned. Plus I like to see some aerial photography from about 150 to 300ft up. Good video though and this is a good looking drone. I like the black and yellow. Syma came a long way with their drones. Even though im not a beginner these are just fun!

  4. Never been First before, oh well. Seemed unsteady from the start, very wobbly  and not able to find its balance point. The crash confirmed it. Syma does make good started Drones  I still have my X8HG and my wife is now learning on it and I have moved on to DJI which may be good or bad!. I would like to see better camera's with the Soma and stop powering them from the drone. Good vid!


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