Drone Review – Syma X8SC


For Syma X8SC specs and pricing: The Syma X8SC is a Phantom sized quadcopter with a decent camera and a cool design.


  1. Hello I am looking for a Syma drone. On amazon I found a GoPro mount the slides on where the stock camera will go, so I can get better quality. I was wondering what syma drone I should buy. I want one with a long batterie and can hold the weighted my GoPro. I like be your vids keep it up

  2. @Ready Set Drone I have a question if I can use the camera of X8SW because if has a FPV at the same time it can record vid in the cam like X8SC. Do you think the cam on X8SW will work on X8SC ? esp. the fvp ? pls resp…

  3. I really like my old Syma X8C, but the syma camera's are terrible. A runcam with a Walkera gimbal works well but the extra weight brings the flight time way down to ~ 5 minutes, but at least it's usable video. Agree the motors are a little under powered. Great learning or back-up quad, these Syma's are very durable and can take a lickin' for sure.


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