Drone Review – Syma X5UC


To buy a Syma X5UC, please use the discount code: RC18OFF And use this link: The Syma X5UC is an amazingly fun and agile little “line of sight” quadcopter. It is the…


  1. I have four altitude hold quad copter including a syma x5uc all of them take go left ,on auto take off every time you fly it works perfectly ,I set it on a level service then turn on ,then I use the joy stick to also level it ,push auto take off button it goes to the left then forward and cuts my leg,I trying to fly in a small apt.,then I was going to go outside .I have two left thumbs ,or maybe because I am a senior ,I starting to think I am to old but I want to fly ,I don't want to take it outside and scare the other seniors,I am doing something wrong help anyone ,bad pilot.

  2. I been watching other you tube videos on this quad,there are some problems with jittery camera ,the fix was foam rubber under the front and sides ,seems to work ,I haven't flow mine yet. Anyone else have a jittery picture from there syma

  3. Just starting to get into public service UAS operations. What a great little training UAS to practice on before graduating up to the "big boys". That's why I'd like to win it.

    BTW, why are the forward lights on these the color red, when most every other "vehicle" in the world uses the color red as rear lights?

  4. Hi, I want to win the drone because I never win giveaway. You are awesome great YouTube video hopefully you coming famous, famous. Please pick me to win the drone I am 11. Thank you great YouTuber you are best you tuber in the world.

  5. I love these Little Drones I have a cheerson cx 20 a little JDX an eachine Just trying to fly FPV order every thing I need for that in 5.8g I sure could use another new Syma I have watch your reviews and videos My channel is Simple Reviews 7 So I can do another review


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