Drone Review – Syma X20 Pocket Drone


For pricing and full specs: Syma makes great drones! This drone is new and the smallest Syma drone I have seen. It is a line-of-sight with …


  1. This is my second quad….x5hc was first. I got this one to practice
    inside 'cause it's been too windy to learn outside with the other one.
    This one brings a smile to my face every time I fly it.I did fly it
    outside today, and it was a blast.
    For the money a newby can't go wrong with this copter

  2. Thanks to your review, I purchased this X20 to use indoors for practice on windy days. I'm really glad I did. As a total beginner to the drone world, I need regular practice! This pocket drone is perfect to keep me at it.I manage to get more time with theX20 than I do with my Syma XC5-1, just because it's handy & I don't need to leave the house for a bigger space to learn / fly. This noob is enjoying the both of them, & together should help me get solid on basics. (And I'm following your advice & skipping headless mode for now; I'm trying to really learn how to handle these.)

  3. I agree about the apps being worthless for most of these beginner drones. I started with a U8181A and the video that was suppose to stream to the phone was more like random snapshots of what the camera was seeing….so don't even think about VR.
    PS. You're so good at controlling those toy drones like a pro!!!!

  4. great video i just bought one of these little guys will be here friday i have a beboop 1 and a ap10 and i still love flying these little guys, love your channel thanks alot they help alot


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