Drone Review – King Kong Tiny Whoop FPV Racer


Buy King Kong Tiny Whoop: DISCOUNT CODE: RC18OFF The KingKong Tiny 7 75mm Mini Brushed FPV Racing Drone is a fast, small …


  1. pretty cool lil whoop, gearbest wants to sent me a betaflight racer. I'm new to fpv and don't have a tx to fly these guys.I want a lil guy like that. what do you recommend for a starter 5.8ghz fpv racer that comes with a tx from gearbest? if you know of one off hand if not its ok Kelly. I have to let them know this week for my first review for gearbest.Thanks Kelly if you have time,i know work,family and reviews leaves only a small pocket of time. Cheers

  2. It might be worth keeping your head up. The patch antenna spent most of the time pointing at the ground. You might also get better reception with a linear antenna than circular, given that the quadcopter vtx has a linear antenna.

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