Drone Review – Holybro Shuriken180 FPV Racer


The Holybro Shuriken 180 is an amazing FPV Racer! Buy one here: For 18% off, use this promo code: RC18OFF This is a fully assembled FPV racer that works with your existing…


  1. Hi,
    I have one of these.To me it was a drama to get it going with cleanflight but eventually got it going ok.Was not a lot of video help around at the time to help.
    Its my best small quad.Its very nimble and very quick.I fly mine on 3 cell.Have not tried fpv yet, just scream it around my backyard.
    Fly's great on acro mode.Love it.

  2. Hi thanks for a great video please could you tell me if this receiver is compatable with the Shurkin 180. Flysky FS-i6X 2.4GHz 10CH AFHDS 2A RC Transmitter With X6B i-BUS Receiver.Thanks.

  3. Hi. Great video. Do you have a video showing how to set up this 180 with the Taranis? I saw a few video on youtube but they are mainly on how to bind it with the controller. I need to know how to completely set it up as a new model and set switches to arm and change flight modes. As you can see I am a complete nube. Thank you for your time.

  4. Glad to hear you are attentive. You eventually have the problem if you flip upside down and compress the antenna. It's a real downer but there probably is some sort of fix. , I just need to figure it out, sadly no help from the company. They could send out some sort of plug or spacer to lock in the base even after a crash. It COULD be easy….

  5. Overall I liked my 180 until I started having problems with the antenna jack breaking inside the drone. After a few crashes the base of the antenna that is attached inside the drone comes loose and the video feed is so hazy and full of snow that is unusable. Basically the soldering comes loose after the antenna hits the ground a few times, even flying over grass only. I have had it fixed a couple times but it keeps breaking loose. I will need to jury rigging some sort of long term fix. There is somebody on line mentioning this short coming and it is an issue. I have emailed the company but no reply. They have also closed their American SAN Diego offices so nobody to talk to. I can only fly LOS. Again……


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