Drone Review – Fader Drone


For specs and pricing – Discount code – H84DAVTN The Fader from TRNDlabs is a well built little drone with potential. It has a decent video camera and some great features….


  1. Have been doing a lot of research on drones before I get another one, so your video has helped a lot, thanks !
    Think I'll pass on this one, especially after checking out the price !
    Thanks for sharing and take care.

  2. hey Mike,just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me.I decided that I'm not going to be messing with drones anymore,to much of a headache with out the proper knowledge.that's the only problem with turning 60 ,not much interest me any more.I was real interested in drones but I think that interest has waned.keep up the good work. your the best,and you answer pretty promptly. thats a a+ in my book anytime. Hunter

  3. well to be honest I bought a new dji phantom 3 standard. never worked, all i t did was the lights blinked. also the throttle stick came down and wouldn't release.I down loaded all the software and updates still didn't work. returned it to best buy 2days later.I'm going to see if I can find someone who has any used drones they no longer use. the only thing is they must be fairly large as my eyesight is not what it once was if not I may just give up on them all together.Hunter

  4. yes sir your welcome. can you direct me to a large and relatively cheap drone with a little better flight time? I'm on a fixed income ( s.s.) from a heart attack, and usually I just sit and read all day,I got curious about drones and bought my first about a month ago,or was a promark warrior it work good for about a day, then went flying it the next day ,got it up about 35-40. feet all of a sudden lost all signal from controller,needless to say it was a unfixable mess when I found it. any advise would be appreciated. Hunter

  5. word of advise,DONT but the Galileo stealth drone! piece of crap, charge for 200 min. for 5-7 min. flight. have to wrestle the battery in and Fight to get it out. camera gimbal doesn't work. blade protectors are also crap, to flimsy, if you crash the blades eat the protectors. I know there has got to be better large quadcopters out there that are cheaper and better made,$200.00 price is to high for this thing. Hunter


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