Drone Review – F100 Brushless Camera Quadcopter


For specs and to buy: The Force1 F100 (rebrand of the Bugs3) is a brushless motor quadcopter with plenty of power and a mount for a …


  1. *C'mon SOUL FORCE — I am a beginner just going from the nano JJRC H20H mini hex drone to the MJX X601H Hexacopter which Ready Set Drone recently helped me with FPV issue connection which he helped resolve. NOT everyone is PRO* …. yet so I reviewed this video (knowing of the BUG 3) and did not interpret this as "ACTING" and thought it was cool. I also am watching your videos  too Soiul Force and subscribed. PEACE ==>>  Addicted beginner drone flyer on a learning curve.

  2. amazon lists this as have altitude hold, but yours doesnt appear to have it ? I only say this because your transmitter on table the throttle stick is not centered when it's sitting there.
    And I would difinately pay $200 for it, because I myself want altitude hold.

  3. all they did was put a different canopy on the bugs 3 and called it F100!!….looks cool i must say but!…199.00!! seriously???..thats the Chinese for ya! oh! same remote too!!…just black..now if they put bigger motors and battery i would buy one!…but 200$ is still to steep!.

  4. C'mon dude, did you really have to open the box before you realized you were about to review a rebranded Bugs 3 that has an overinflated price??????? I think that should have been an "opening line" and also included in the title of the video "Bugs 3 Rebranded." I've watched lots of your videos and enjoyed them but sadly, this one seems more like "acting" rather than an honest review. Just go ahead and call it a Bugs 3, add a link to your Bugs 3 review and call it a day. This video was a total waste of my time to watch and I felt like you were addressing a class of 3rd graders. By the way, the GoPro isn't the only camera that will fit in that camera holder… stop with the GoPro commercials! I love watching your videos & reviews and have much respect for what you do, as I also do reviews on my channel, and I also visit here frequently. I'm addressing you as a fan… "Please don't become one of those guys who will review any & everything!" "KEEP IT REAL" brother, happy flying. DJ SOUL FORCE

  5. like the video. not too impress with the quad it look to me like i will pay 100 dollar more for a quad that look like and feel like a bug 3 everything and anything look like bug 3


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