Drone Photography Tips || Can’t Fly? Take Photos Handheld!


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  1. Hi Stewart, a gentleman named Aaron suggested your channel since I am a new drone user. Awesome stuff. Hopefully it is okay if I give Aaron’s channel a shout out here. If it isn’t I can delete this. Aaron is a stoke survivor and is using drones as a way to be creative. His channel is called I Can’t Walk but I Can Fly. I don’t know Aaron personally and I just stumbled on his channel through the DJI support forum. He is wheelchair bound and has use of only one hand but is doing a YouTube channel and learning from your videos and is taking shots of the Napa valley where he lives. His channel currently only has 22 subscribers. I would love to see the drone community rally around him and push his numbers up. Thanks again for helping to teach me as well.

  2. Great video. I really liked that final composition, very nice. Taking stills using a drone made me think of the tilt/shift process where you make a scene look like it's a toy model. I'll bet you can make some great shots from a drone's perspective. Maybe a future content idea?

  3. Another cool video Stewart. What did you use to process the RAW file? Does it have the ability to do perspective and distortion correction? One disadvantage of shooting from low & pointing up is the converging verticals, and having the subject close to the edge of frame on such a wide angle lens shows up the barrel distortion – doing a full correction of these often doesn’t look nice/realistic, but a wee tweak can really help.
    Or am I just over thinking this as a photographer not a filmmaker?

  4. I thought you were going to discuss and show using the Mavic Air to shoot video from the ground like a hand held gimbal when you’re not able to fly,. Works well. Maybe another video! Cheers and thanks.

  5. Thanks for your video. Ironic that Scotland is having hotter weather than Portugal. Great tips. I went here and into the area around the fountains and cathedral just as two cruise ships arrived, busy doesn't begin to describe it!

  6. Great Stewart. Well timed as I have been thinking about that of late. I'm starting to do more Magic Box and is just seems using the advantages of my DJI drones for smooth short buttery shots is best. As always it is great to learn from THE pro. I will be starting your Masterclass soon. Why wouldn't you, right?


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