Drone photography tips and camera settings | STEP BY STEP


Here is the best settings and tips for drone photography. I take you through each important settings for photography and explain why it helps. Feel free to skip to …


  1. Excellent video man by any chance can you tell me I just bought the new inspire2 with the x4s For this particular camera as a beginner aspiring photographer I am I better to use raw JPEG or what setting would you recommend to get the most quality out of this camera please let me know I appreciate any help you can advise again as I am a beginner and I have a lot to learn if you can check my channel out give me some criticism and thanks for all your hard work you are the man

  2. Yo what’s up bro. I like ur videos just subbed yesterday. I had a question about what to get Final Cut Pro, premiere, or there’s another one u mentioned in one of ur videos? I’m a noob and using a Mac to editing if that helps with the recommendation. Thanks again!

  3. Excellent – clear – concise. Tried to follow along with a few other videos without too much success. Either this information overload finally clicked (pun intended) or you are that good. Let's choose the latter…shall we? Can't wait to see the results from my next footage.

  4. Great stuff. By the way those exposure lines are called Zebras for obvious reasons. Production video cameras have two sets of those slanting in opposite directions. One set , like the ones here, show you what is over 100% brightness and is overexposed. The other set are usually set to 70% – 72% and are used to set the proper exposure for skin, such as when you’re interviewing someone. If they are lighter skinned you’d have a little more zebra on their face. If they’re darker skinned you’d have less zebra on their face. Obviously you rarely have someone’s face in the middle of a drone shot, so they aren’t really needed. Just a bit of info.


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