Drone Photography Q&A | The Grid- (Episode 314)


This week on The Grid, Scott brings in the New Year with guest Dave Gales and skyping in guest Terry White. The topic is Drone Photography Q&A.


  1. In Spain to get the pilot licence it is around 500€
    Just the licence but you can not work by yourself you have to be in a flying operate company that is around 1000€ more 🙁

    I just did the pilot course and get like 1 month and there is several theory to learn exactly the same as a small plane pilot

  2. Hi kelbyone, I love your channel. I have a question. There are many people that are doing naked and boudoir photography. So my question is how does it work, do the photographer pays to the model, or its the opposite, what do you do with the pics do they sell them or how can you eran money? Thanks you.


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