Drone Photography on Location with the Mavic 2 Pro


Drone photography is something I really should do more of, especially with the Mavic 2 Pro. The Mavic 2 Pro is turning out to be an amazing tool. It gets me to …


  1. Man, even though I'm setting on a chair I'm tired and struggling to breath just watching you walk & talk struggling breathing. keep up the good work and definitely keep breathing!

  2. Hey Brendan if you head along the Garden Route, Iโ€™m near Plettenberg Bay. Itโ€™ll be great to meet up, and I can show you a few wonderful locations not seen by many people

  3. Hello, Brendan. Thank You SO,SO,SO Much. I was just asking myself how you find new content that is unique? I Know you look up places in Google Maps, But what are your Ideas based on? Is photography a repetition of things that have already been captured? I am in a situation that I can't travel due to my Wife's disability and Work Schedule. I do My best to shoot around my surrounding areas, But I'm running out of things and spots to shoot.
    I can't thank you for the videos that you do to help me keep focused on my side venture.
    You have that Digital HWY on Lockdown. Congrats on your 90K.
    Thank you
    Eric Velasco

    @velaphoto, Instagram: velaphotoz

  4. TWO things…Always intresting to see how the new Mavic Pro 2 performs and thats the worst camping gear setup that Iยดve ever seen! LOL. Thats a really cool spot for drone photography, would love to go there sometime! Thanks for sharing and thumbs up from Sweden


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