Drone News – Remote ID Postponed, GPS Week Rollover, Drone Competition, DJI Camera, Flight Simulator


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  1. Wait what?

    So the remote identificator is was only for 107 pilots? My drones where kind linked or identidy wiht the "bind" I just renamed mine to be able to identify mine from my friends ven we fly away frok each other drones, since we don't have marks that easy to identify while flying wifi with phones or tablets

    Lett me know if I missundertood

  2. I have to question your analysis of the Government's reason for pushing remote ID. If you are looking at who was involved in the original groups making the recommendations, they were backed by people that want drone deliveries and/or large drone companies. They want the airspace. I believe the remote ID and other requirements will price most individual operators out of the market. I see a time when 0-400 feet is class "Amazon" airspace. That's also why I don't understand DJI's strong push for this, unless they are developing a delivery drone. I guess I trust the Government a lot less than you guys (especially since I worked 36 years for a piece of it). By the way, I like your Drone News episodes!

  3. To Paul. Dude take a pill. Any teacher that rats like you do is cheating the students out of the lessons you want to pass on. I haven't watched this vid yet, but the thumbnail says it all. You are just going to waste my valuable time with to much of your "pissed off" ranting. I along with so many others love what you are trying to do. But that mission gets lost in all your arrogant ranting. Please bro get a handle on your emotions. That being said Thanks to You and Drone U.


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