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In our BIGGEST Drone News story this week, you will learn if DJI has KILLED their plans to launch the DJI PHANTOM 5. Has DJI permanently shut down their …


  1. I think the reason DJI in not making the Phantom 4 or a new Phantom series is because of the Phantom image. When I say image I mean that when there is press or news release they always show the image of a phantom on the screen or crashing into a wing. That is my 2 cents. See you at PIX4D in Colorful Colorado.

  2. Personally, as a professional UAV pilot and engineer who was in research and development of early autonomous UAVs back when the word "drone" only meant something that the military would use as aerial target practice, I think the Phantom line disappearing would be a positive step for the world. They can do a lot of good things, but a huge problem right now with drones is the public perception and the iconic Phantom shape is Public Enemy #1. I think the general public will be able to get more comfortable with drones if they do not have that iconic shape that makes people think they are being spied on.

    Not only that, but as an aircraft designer I have always thought the Phantom design is really ugly ever since I saw the earliest ones, although that is only personal taste.

  3. Too bad , so sad . I will miss the Phantoms. My P4 standard is my favorite drone to fly and I actually passed over the P4P , waiting for the P5. I don't dislike the Mavic line per se , but the Phantoms are more stable in winds and their cameras are just better. I will now have to find me a new or used P4P as a plausible upgrade if your news is the truth. R.I.P. Phantom line.

  4. No, it’s time for change!!! Plus the Mavic is the Honda of consumer drones (step up from Toyota)!! It’s only the beginning of Mavic taking off!! It’ll just keep getting better!!! Sorry

  5. Nice video. Messed up news. I live in windy areas. Curacao dutch caribbean. Winds like crazy. Phantom 4 and Typhoon H I fly. Mavic 2 I use indoors events mostly. Can't enjoy it in high winds. Mavic is weak. Aint ready and able for this side of the world. More windy days than calm. Mavic struggles for me. Inspire whips in the wind as well. So far Typhoon H and phantom 4 handling jobs. I document barges and tug boats passing through our bay for the oil company. Tried the mavic pro to fly a job once. Lol. Mavic is a no no.

  6. You know Honda is actually the reliable car right? And Dewalt is actually garbage. And the phantom only has a global shutter and guess what, most people don’t care about Atti mode. And as to looking professional in my optional the phantom is not it. People say isn’t that old? Aren’t those the ones that fly away. Most laud people see the phantom as a toy because they see kids flying phantoms on YouTube crashing them etc. and that is probably because the phantom airframe looks the same over all the years and the general public doesn’t know the difference. Mavic is the new standard it is clear now.

  7. I fly both the P4P V2 and the Mavic 2 pro, both are great but my P4P V2 ALWAYS hits the sky first. Usually DJI is very very smart in their technical abilities, marketing etc. Not continuing the phantom series is just baffling. The P4P V2 is absolutely the finest drone in the 1500 dollar range, not to continue it IMHO is a mistake that is just so unlike them. Sure they can put a similiar camera on the mavic, but like you said it just doesn't fly the same. Could that lawsuit have something to do with it?

  8. wasn't there an article put out today where a DJI employee published the secret operating code to github for the agri drones? maybe this published code also was for the Phantom line and we just don't know yet?

  9. What the blond guy said about the advantages of the P4P over the M2 series is 100% correct, I totally agree. That said, I hope DJI will continue the P5 series. I'd buy one right away.

  10. Thanks again for the blue news, I guess the hobby market is buying more than the Semi "Pro" market. I enjoy flying my Mavic Pro more than my P4P. I prefer to use my P4P for commercial. Not only can you catch it easier, I've done walk thru's on interior homes holding the P4P. It looks pretty good. 1" sensor!

  11. I love how you keep focus on all the good things drones can be used for. The community need that PR more then ever with more and more ridiculous tight political regulation. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  12. Nice overall video.. one thing I heard Paul, from our knowledgeable Friend, “Drone Jesus”, is that the third party vendor part that was preventing further manufacturing of the P4pro was contract availability of the camera sensor (specifically the 1” Sony sensor for the P4pro and the Inspire’s X4s camera.. not the version in the M2Pro) since DJI now uses the M2 airframe for 4 different Mavic 2 products, maintaining a P4 or P5 specific assembly line and parts supply chain (from a bean counter value perspective) just does not return the revenue and profit ROI than would reducing the number of “prosumer” model assembly lines to just the (Mavic2 line).. Apple did the same thing when Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO in the late 80s and slashed the number of Apple Mac products to just a few model lines.. love it or hate it.. DJI is now a big global manufacturing company and will act like one when making revenue and profit decisions

  13. Good information. My most concerning issue is that of the cost and implementation of the remote ID system. Hearing the Homeland security director say it's necessary to keep us safe (that old, laws will keep criminals from acting like a criminal, argument) tells me it's coming. It's really about money though. Drone deliveries and autonomous drones can't be done full scale without it and that's where the big money is. It could and probably will, price consumers and small drone operators out of the market (I would expect something like $100 for the device, like $25 for "registration" of the device and some recurring costs of like $20 a month for the 5G or whatever they sell to the government to manage it…and that would be per drone. That may be why DJI is acting so conflicted. They may be moving their emphasis to the big stuff for the large companies that would effectively end up owning 0-400".

  14. I've been waiting on the phantom 5 coming out for one and a half years. if DJI drops the ball and doesn't come out with something better than the phantom 4 pro before another manufacturer, I'm gone and I will purchase my drone from another manufacturer. Maybe the phantom didn't sell as well as and that mavic but it's still sold and made them a profit. all the phantom pilots will go to another manufacturer if there's another drone that is truly better than the phantom 4 pro. It's as simple as that.

  15. btw, remember the floppy disks? It's still the 'save' action symbol but long gone. I think Phantom series are gone so drone SME's will either use a mavic 2 pro or invest in an Inspire. the blurry line between pro and enthusiast is now quite bold without a Phantom. I am also not happy about the "Apple"isation of DJI but that's what it is now.


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