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First up, we have some big DJI News for you. DJI has announced some big steps to assuage data security concerns. Our next story is about the use of police …


  1. Hi Paul, Haye
    Greetings from Switzerland! Paul, great show, I follow it every week (or every second week, just teasing).
    Yes, Switzerland has drone laws, they are very reasonable, but will be impacted (and soon changed) because of these irresponsible pilots that fly over terraces outside restaurants! A restaurant is a public place, but the restaurant owner has here his ownership rights and he does not have to accept that drones are disturbing his guests on his terrace!
    The drone law forbids this as well, you are not allowed to get close to a group of people or fly over them. The limit is 100 metres which is approx. 300 feet.
    No licence is needed for private pilots, only insurance.
    Keep the show up!
    best wishes from Switzerland!
    PS: I am a member of the Swiss Federation of civil drones

  2. Dji Enterprise Government comes with a specific version of Pilot that has a permanent Local Data Mode so I gotta believe that will apply to more than just the Mavic ED, especially the M210.

  3. Good job with accomplishing a 1000, I am relatively new to the channel but have learned much, and look forward to catching up with the first 1000 and looking forward to the future and 2000.

  4. @Drone U, how much does the FAA regulation from your perspective hinder your ability to do work vs actually open up the industry for you to work? Do you think it's all appropriate and reasonable, or do you see it as stepping on toes and keeping the industry from progressing? I see it more of a dremel tool, Dewalt is just a brand 😉

  5. Hey guys if you want something for your next episode then be really interesting to see your viewers views on the comments from UKs Andy Sage from NATS (national air traffic service) where he branded drone users as careless, clueless and criminal !!! Caused a huge storm here in UK

  6. Random question.Many of us are looking for drones that use the follow me mode in fast moving sports like, watersports or motorsports. The Mavic Pro even in good lighting is weak at best. Any drone suggestions for this application? Thanks!!

  7. Subscribers to this channel know that DJI collects metadata. That's how they plan their firmware updates. For instance, drones can store data on 2.4 & 5.8 wifi and cell distribution in certain areas. This could be of interest to Chinese cell phone manufacturers for determining the strategic roll-out of 5G systems


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