Drone ND Neutral Density Filters || Why & When?


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  1. Would a filter stop my lens from getting condensation on the inside of the lens on a cold day? Have never had it before but went out recently and the footage was unusable as blurred from condensation.

  2. Another awesome video!! I'm looking at the Mavic Air and wanting the Polar Pro Cinematic ND/PL filters. I have a couple questions; When filming on different days with a ND/PL filter, what's the best way to blend the footage so one day doesn't look way off from the other in regards to color, etc.? Would the use of ND filters (non-PL) be better for color grading different days in post for a better blend? I'd like to add, I'm just getting into FCPX coming from Sony Vegas Pro. Thanks goes out to both of you…… You have taught me so much!! Ray

  3. I personally used ND filters for reduction of "jelo effect" (ie. wavy lines appearing in video playback)… see my comment on following if interested.
    …. to be fair, I have only done hald a dozen or so flights with the ND filters but had found no jelo effect in these recordings…. but would be nice if someone could back me up on these findings (all makes sense assuming the jelo effect has as one parameter of cuase being the shutter speed… which a given ND filter will alter.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I know why ND filters are used for film making but I would love to know more about using them for photography. I have read that because the Mavic has such a wide aperture it can make landscape photography very difficult unless you use an ND filter. Would you be able to make a tutorial on ND filters for photography also. Cheers!


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